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Packages that use Terminable
org.sadun.util.pool2 NOT COMPLETE YET. The Thread pool implementation package. 
org.sadun.util.watchdog The Watchdog implementation package.  

Uses of Terminable in org.sadun.util.pool2

Classes in org.sadun.util.pool2 that implement Terminable
 class BasePassivationManager
          A Passivation thread is associated to one or more ObjectPools and triggers the activation/passivation state of a Pooled object.
 class DefaultPassivationManager
          The default passivation manager.

Uses of Terminable in

Classes in that implement Terminable
 class ThreadPoolThread
          A thread which acts as a pool for other threads.

Uses of Terminable in org.sadun.util.watchdog

Classes in org.sadun.util.watchdog that implement Terminable
 class WatchDog
          A WatchDog thread, which periodically executes some checking action.