Package org.sadun.util

New generic utilities package.


Interface Summary
Broadcaster A general interface for mechanisms that can broadcast messages to a given context (for example, across multiple threads, processes, hosts, networks, etc).
ClassPackageExplorer Classes implementing this interface can explore the classpath, retrieving the contents of Java packages and enumerate the classes therein.
CommandRunner.Listener Classes implementing this interface may receive CommandRunnerevents.
EnvironmentVariables.Generator A class implementing this interface is able to retrieve environment information in some way.
EnvironmentVariables.NameTransformer Classes implementing this interface can transform environment names in a "canonical" form
ForEach.Filter Users can implement this interface (anonymously or via a named class) to apply the action only to a subset of the objects in the collection.
LineSet.Filter A Filter for matching certain lines in the set.
ObjectWithId Objects implementing this interface have a string identifier.
PrefixProvider Classes implementing this interface can provide a prefix for a PrefixPrintWriter object.
SequentialUniqueIdGenerator.IdStorage Classes implementing this interface allow access to a shared storage of ids to use with a SequentialUniqueIdGenerator.
Setup Instances of this class can setup existing objects
SimpleClassPackageExplorer.PackageExplorationListener Classes implementing this interface receive notifications of the explorer's activity.
TelnetInputStream.TelnetCommandListener A listener to Telnet commands.
TelnetInputStreamConsumer.Criterium A criterium for evaluating input from a TelnetInputStream.
Terminable This interface extends the standard Runnable by providing methods to gracefully shut down a Thread.
Version A generic interface to a version object.
Wrapper An interface indicating that an object is wrapping another one (see also ObjectWrapperGenerator).

Class Summary
AutoClassLoader A ClassLoader implementation which looks up the JARs in classpath and loads them individually, without the need of specifying one by one.
AutoCRWriter A class that automatically intercepts and prints line separators without explicitly needing for println() to be called (behaves as PrintStream rather than PrintWriter.
AxisObjectSerializer This class serializes an AXIS object into an XML byte array.
BaseObjectWithId A base implementation of ObjectWithId.
Cache A simple cache object, which holds at most n references.
ClassPathChecker Verifies wether or not all the entries in classpath are available
ClassPathIterator An iterator over a classpath declaration.
CommandRunner A class to run a command in a separate thread, monitor its progress via a monitor window and being notified of its completion, exit status, and elasped time.
CommandRunner.Adapter An helper class which implements all the methods in the CommandRunner.Listenerinterface in an empty way.
DatabaseResourceBundle A resource bundle which reads resources from a database.
DirectoryFileFilter A FileFilter to filter in or out directories.
DynamicClassLoader A classloader whose classpath can be set dynamically.
EnvironmentVariables An helper class to handle environment variables when they're present on the underlying operating system.
ExtensionFileFilter A simple FileFilter based on file extensions.
ExtensionFilenameFilter A simple FilenameFilter based on file extensions.
FieldResolver Finds a field thru the inheritance hierarchy of the class
ForEach Execute the same action for each object in a collection, optionally filtering the objects by the given filter.
HTMLAnchorIterator A class to efficiently parse and find anchors in an HTML stream.
IndentedPrintWriter A PrintWriter which indents each line of text with a given character.
JustifierWriter A Writer to justify text.
LineSet An ordered set of Strings, to which filters can be applied
LineSet.ConstantFilter A constant filter, which always matches or not matches
LineSet.ContainsStringFilter A Filter which matches lines containing one or more substring.
ListEnumeration An Enumeration for a java.util.List object.
ListMapIterator An iterator to go thru a Map of Lists, using a specific key list for deciding how to access the sublists.
NullIterator An iterator which has no elements.
ObjectDescriptor This object exposes methods which use bean introspection to print out descriptions of objects using a resource bundle.
ObjectLister A class to list the elements of an array or a collection/enumeration into a string, each element divided by a separtor, by invoking either the toString() method or a given method with no parameters (and returning a String).
ObjectPropertyManager This class allows to set and retrieve properties, by name, by any object using introspection and JavaBeans conventions.
PathNormalizer An utility class to compute normalized paths (i.e. paths that do not contain neither "." nor "..")
PrefixPrintWriter A PrintWriter that unconditionally prefixes any new line of output with a given prefix.
PrefixPrintWriter.DirectoryPrefixProvider A prefix provider to show the current directory as a prefix.
PushbackReader A reader that allows to push back an arbitrary number of characters.
QuoteAwareStringTokenizer A StringTokenizer-compatible class which takes quotes into account.
RotationalCharBuffer A rotational character buffer.
SequentialUniqueIdGenerator An unique id generator which creates ids unique across different JVMs and sequential.
SimpleClassPackageExplorer A package explorer implementation.
SimpleClassPackageExplorer.PackageExplorationAdapter An empty implementation of PackageExplorationListener.
SqlIdIterator An IdIterator based on an SQL statement executed over a given Connection.
StackTraceLineSet A special lineset with services for exception stack traces.
StringFinder To change this generated comment edit the template variable "typecomment": Window>Preferences>Java>Templates.
SymbolTable A symbol table.
TelnetInputStream A stream to handle telnet-based communication.
TelnetInputStream.BasicNVTListener A standard TelnetInputStream.TelnetCommandListenerthat refuses any option and suggestions, limiting the functionality to the basic Telnet NVT (network virtual terminal) functionality.
TelnetInputStreamConsumer This class wraps over a TelnetInputStreamto provide stream consumption capabilities.
TelnetInputStreamConsumer.AndCriterium A criterium which holds if all its composing criteria hold.
TelnetInputStreamConsumer.CompositeCriterium An abstract criterium based on other criteria.
TelnetInputStreamConsumer.ContainsStringCriterium A criterium which holds if a certain string is found in the input.
TelnetInputStreamConsumer.NoMoreInputAvailableCriterium A criterium which holds if no more input is available within a certain amount of time (i.e. we can suppose that the host has nothing more to say).
TelnetInputStreamConsumer.OrCriterium A criterium which holds if one of its composing criteria hold.
TelnetInputStreamConsumer.PatternBasedCriterium A criterium based on regular expression matching.
TelnetInputStreamConsumer.StringEndBasedCriterium A criterium which holds if a certain string is found at the end of the input.
TelnetNVTChannel A telnet input stream to implement a Telnet NVT (Network Virtual Terminal) communication over a couple of paired input and output streams.
TextProgressBar NOT FUNCTIONAL YET To change this generated comment edit the template variable "typecomment": Window>Preferences>Java>Templates.
ThreadBlockRunner Runs a block of threads within an array, with a maximum number of concurrent threads, and returning only when all the threads in the block have finished.
TieOutputStream An OutputStream which ties output to two underlying streams.
TieWriter An Writer which ties output to two underlying streams.
TypeWrapper An helper class to automatically wrap primitive types into their corresponding object types.
UniqueIdGenerator A generator of IDs unique even across different machines.
UnixLoginHandler This class handles typical Unix shell login sequences via telnet.
VersionImpl A simple implementation of Version.

Exception Summary
ObjectPropertyManager.NoSuchPropertyException An exception thrown when the ObjectPropertyManager cannot find a property in a bean.
UnixLoginHandler.LoginIncorrectException A class to signal an incorrect login by an UnixLoginHandler.

Package org.sadun.util Description

New generic utilities package. Most non overly specific utilities live here.