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Packages that use ObjectWithIdMetadata
org.sadun.util New generic utilities package.  

Uses of ObjectWithIdMetadata in org.sadun.util

Classes in org.sadun.util that implement ObjectWithIdMetadata
 class SimpleObjectWithIdMetadata

Methods in org.sadun.util that return ObjectWithIdMetadata
 ObjectWithIdMetadata ObjectWithId.getMetadata()
          Return the metadata for the object.
 ObjectWithIdMetadata BaseObjectWithId.getMetadata()
          Return the value of the #metadata field.

Methods in org.sadun.util with parameters of type ObjectWithIdMetadata
protected  void BaseObjectWithId.checkPrefix(java.lang.String id, ObjectWithIdMetadata metadata)
          This method is used at construction to verify whether the given id is suitable for the object, and shoud throw an IllegalArgumentException if it not.