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Packages that use LineSet.Filter
org.sadun.util New generic utilities package.  

Uses of LineSet.Filter in org.sadun.util

Classes in org.sadun.util that implement LineSet.Filter
static class LineSet.BaseFilter
static class LineSet.ConstantFilter
          A constant filter, which always matches or not matches
static class LineSet.ContainsStringFilter
          A Filter which matches lines containing one or more substring.

Fields in org.sadun.util declared as LineSet.Filter
static LineSet.Filter LineSet.NULL_FILTER

Methods in org.sadun.util with parameters of type LineSet.Filter
 int LineSet.count(LineSet.Filter filter)
          Count the lines matching the filter.
 java.util.List LineSet.getLinesList(LineSet.Filter filter)
 java.lang.String[] LineSet.getLines(LineSet.Filter filter)
 java.lang.String LineSet.toString(LineSet.Filter filter)