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com.deltax.util.listener The Asynhronous Listening Framework package.  

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Methods in Default Package with parameters of type Signal
 void Application.receive(Signal s)

Uses of Signal in com.deltax.util.listener

Subclasses of Signal in com.deltax.util.listener
 class ExceptionSignal
          A signal carrying an exception.
 class MsgSignal
          A signal class carrying a message.
 class NamedSignal
          A signal with a name.
 class ObjectSignal
          A signal carryin an object argument.
 class ObservableSignal
          A signal produced by an Observable object.
 class TimeStampedSignal
          A signal with a time stamp.
static class TSignalSource.SignalType1
static class TSignalSource.SignalType2

Methods in com.deltax.util.listener with parameters of type Signal
 void TrackingListener.receive(Signal signal)
 void SimpleListener.receive(Signal signal)
          This implementation discriminates among NamedSignals, MsgSignals and ExceptionSignals.
 void ListenerSupport.notify(Signal signal)
          Broadcast a signal.
 void Listener.receive(Signal signal)
          Invoked when a signal is received.
 void IListenerSupport.notify(Signal signal)
          Broadcast a signal.
 void BridgeListener.receive(Signal signal)
protected  void BaseSignalSourceThread.notify(Signal signal)
protected  void BaseSignalSource.notify(Signal signal)
          Notify a signal to the listners.