Package com.deltax.util.listener

The Asynhronous Listening Framework package.


Interface Summary
ExceptionListener Classes implementing this interface will explicitly receive exceptions signals separately from normal signals.
IListenerSupport An interface for the ListenerSupport class (experimental).
Listener Classes implementing this interface can receive signals notified via a ListenerSupport.
SignalSource Classes implementing this interface declare can be programmatically recognized as sources of signals and declare whether or not they support exception signals.

Class Summary
AsynchObserver A wrapper class which allows to user a Listener in contexts where an Observer is required.
AsynchObserver.Cache A class that can be used to cache AsynchObserver objects.
BaseSignalSource A base implementation of SignalSource.
BaseSignalSourceThread A base implementation of signal source, which is a thread in itself.
BridgeListener A listener which distributes signals to a writer and to another listener
ExceptionSignal A signal carrying an exception.
HistoryListener A listener which logs an history of received signals to a file.
ListenerSupport This class is the pluggable support for asynchronous listening.
MsgSignal A signal class carrying a message.
NamedSignal A signal with a name.
ObjectSignal A signal carryin an object argument.
ObservableSignal A signal produced by an Observable object.
Signal An anonymous signal class.
SimpleListener A listener which simply outputs signals on a given stream or writer.
TimeStampedSignal A signal with a time stamp.
TrackingListener A listener whick tracks the received signals.
TSignalSource A test nonthread signal source.
TSignalSourceTest A test suite for the asynchronous listening framework.

Exception Summary
BlockedListenerException An exception thrown when the ListenerSupport cannot terminate gracefully a listener which is being removed, since the listener is blocked.

Package com.deltax.util.listener Description

The Asynhronous Listening Framework package. See the user guide for usage information.