Uses of Interface

Packages that use ClassFileFinder
com.deltax.util Old generic utlities package.  

Uses of ClassFileFinder in com.deltax.util

Subinterfaces of ClassFileFinder in com.deltax.util
 interface DynamicClassFileFinder
          A ClassFileFinder which allows to dynamically redefine the class path.

Classes in com.deltax.util that implement ClassFileFinder
 class DynamicJDK12ClassFileFinder
          A JDK12ClassFileFinder whose classpath definition can be changed at runtime.
 class JDK12ClassFileFinder
          This class emulates JDK 1.2 behaviour for finding class, providing direct access to the files / streams.

Fields in com.deltax.util declared as ClassFileFinder
protected  ClassFileFinder CPoolReader.cff
          The ClassFileFinder object used to locate bytecode By default, a plain JDK12ClassFileFinder.

Constructors in com.deltax.util with parameters of type ClassFileFinder
CPoolReader(ClassFileFinder cff)
          Buids a CPoolReader which uses the specifies ClassFileFinder