Cristiano Sadun - utility classes

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This is just what the name says - a collection of disparate utility classes, in source code, to be used or modified under LGPL. They're fairly independent from each other. You can download source and compiled jar from sourceforge.

Most of the classes are JDK1.2/1.3 compatible. However, for new classes or when adding functionlity, I now use 1.4 features so you may need to rework some bits (typically, I make now extensive usage of the root exceptions present in 1.4 Throwables) to compile under JDKs previous to 1.4.

Javadoc is here. Here some news.

(You may also be interested in my Java Command line options and arguments parsing library, Flat file parsing library, or file & directory polling component which come in separate packages).

Some interesting ones:

An ant build.xml file is provided to build. Make sure you have a /temp directory (or change the value of the tempdir property in the build.xml) to build. A J2EE.jar is provided to successfully compile EJB-related utilities. It just contains EJB2.0 interface classes. If you have questions or want to report bugs, send a mail to me.